Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Firefly Dress and Necklace, 1998

With Emily Copper and Derek Lockwood.

Media: Metallic silk organza, conductive yarns, conductive Velcro, LEDs, gold beads, silk, batteries and electronics..

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The skirt of the dress is made from two layers of conductive metallic silk organza, which act as power and ground. The layers are electrically isolated with tulle. LEDs with conductive Velcro brushes are attached to each end and suspended in the tulle. When the wearer moves, the conductive Velcro brushes against the conductive fabric, completing the circuit and causing the LEDs to light.

The necklace gets it power from conductive tassels brushing an embroidered power plane on the front of the dress. Each tassel sends a different amount of current to the necklace, causing the LEDs to flicker and change color.

Modeled by my awesome former UROP Emily Copper.




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