Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Musical Jacket, 1998

With Emily Copper, Rehmi Post, Joshua Smith, and Joshua Strickon.

Media: Machine embroidered resistive yarns, metallic silk organza power and data bus, custom sensing electronics, speakers, custom MIDI synthesizer, and batteries. 24"w x 40"h.

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The Musical Jacket is a wearable stand-alone musical instrument. It contains a wearable MIDI synthesizer; batteries; a fabric data, power and audio bus; and an embroidered keypad.

Touch the embrodiered keypad to play music. The keypad uses a capacitive sensing method to sense touch. The sensing electronics place a small electrical charge on each number embroidered with conductive thread. When the wearer touches the embroidered number, his/her body draws the charge to ground. The electronics sense this change and trigger a musical event.





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