Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Electronic Tablecloth, 1999

With Rehmi Post and MIT Media Lab students.

Media: Machine embroidered conductive yarns, rayon, appliqued metallic silk organza, linen, sensing electronics, tag reader, PC, LED text displays and light emitting center piece. 60"w x 60"h.

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The Electronic Tablecloth was created to allow viewers to play ga ame, communicate personal information and answer questions by touching a keypad embroidered into the tablecloth.

Each tablecloth contains five embroidered keypads, five embroidered tag readers, and five LED text displays. Viewers identified themselves with RF tags with embrodiered antennas in the form of coasters. They used the embroidered keypads to communicate and play the game. Information (visual output) was displayed on the LED text displays in the center piece. Originally connected to a PC, today the tablecloth is displayed as a wall mounted piece.

Originally 5 units were produced.






  tablecloth with screen

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