Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Leaping Lines, 2005

Media: Jacquard woven fabric, conductive yarns, cotton, rayon, conductive fabric, wire, custom drive electronics, and expressive software. Thirty-two pixels. 16"w x 72"h.

Commissioned by Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Extreme Textiles, Designing for High Performance, Curated by Mathilda McQuaid, New York, NY, April 8 - October 30, 2005.

Leaping Lines is a jacquard woven color change textile. This piece was created to demonstrate a simple color change effect on a repeat pattern. Bold colors and design are used to achieve this effect. Software runs in a continuous loop, creating different patterns at different times on the surface of the textile. Conductive yarns are machine woven in the weft only and floated above the surface of the fabric, to allow for electrical connection after the weaving process. Electrical connection is achieved with adhesives and metallic silk organza. With IFM Design Studio.







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