Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Moving Target, 2007

Media: Hand woven cotton, rayon, conductive yarns, silver ink, hand printed thermochromic ink, custom drive electronics and expressive software. 3 eight-pixel units. 53"w x 18"h.

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Moving Target takes a compositional approach to repeat elements in textile design. It is hand-woven double weave on a black and white warp. Colored yarns are inserted in the weft. While all three sections use the same double weave structure and circle pattern, variety is created with structural changes in the weaving structure and color variations in the ink. The transparent ink is applied in layers, creating a painterly and glaze-like effect. It interacts with colored weaving, creating subtle color variations. Software design is guided by the centrally focused circle motifs.


  patttern 1
pattern 2

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