Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Grace, 2004

Media: Hand-woven cotton, rayon, conductive yarns, silver ink, thermochromic ink, custom drive electronics and expressive software. Sixty-four pixels, or color change areas. 26"w x 48"h.

With Joey Berzowska.

Private Commission

This early color change textile took a compositional and painterly approach to the medium of color change textiles. The work uses brightly colored plain weave and twill combined with brightly colored, printed ink. In some case the ink changes color or value to match the woven background color next to it. This creates spatial shifts from background to foreground. Over 100 unique colors were mixed and applied to the textile.

I have included a couple of studio shots to illustate how the peices were made, and how the approach of combining exposed woven textile with printed ink developed. Studio shot 1 shows an early prototype in which the entire peice was coated with ink. Unforntuately, the ink at this time was not an aesthetically satisifying material, so I chose to leave large areas of the woven textile unprinted. This style persisted in later works even after I improved the quality of the ink.






  detail installed
studio shot 1
studio shot all off detail

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