Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

100 Electronic Art Years, 2009

Media: Hand-woven cotton, rayon, conductive yarns, silver ink, thermochromic ink, drive electronics and software. 62" x 54" x 8".

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The title of 100 Electronic Art Years refers to the ambiguous lifetime of color-change textiles, and all electronic art. All art fails. All electronic art fails. The question is how, and with what result?

In all color-change textiles, the bright colors will eventually become permanently burned into the surface of the piece, creating a premanent record of software and physical artifact. When asked how long each piece will continue to perform, I can only answer in "electronic art years".

The veiwer pushes a single button to cycle through different patterns and color groupings.The piece is never entirely revealed until the pattern is finally burned into the surface. This piece is mounted on a curved support, wires and electronics are revealed. It has fifty hand woven textile pixels. It is woven in black and white double weave.

Progammable color-change textiles combine woven electrodes with conductive yarn, thermochromic ink, drive electronics, and expressive software. Textile electrodes are woven with resistive yarns in the weft and highly conductive yarns in the warp. Plain weave connects these yarns together electrically. The weaving is printed with thermochromic ink, which changes color when heated. Drive electronics send current to the resistive yarns, which heat up and cause the ink to change the color. Expressive software controls the patterns and sequences of the color-change events.

Programmable color-change textiles are reflective (do not light up), they should be displayed like any other textile, in an artificially well lit space, protected from UV light. In general pieces are mounted on the wall, like a painting, however, custom works can be created to wrap or hang over surfaces.

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